Shad Abad Assurance Plan

The Individuals Who Value the Basic Savings

Shad Abad Life Assurance Plan is perfect for the individuals who value the Basic Savings purpose with Additional Protection provision for their loved one after their passing or any other unpleasant event. The individual gets a total guaranteed and bonus on the fulfilment of policy terms. Besides, on death amid the policy term, the death benefit comprises of Double of sum insured with the accrued bonus. If there should be an occurrence of death because of an accident, the death benefit comprises of Four Times the aggregate insured in addition to the bonus. The coverage can be further broadened by connecting supplementary spreads with the policy.
Shadabad Insurance plan
Shadabad Insurance plan

State Life Shad Abad Assurance Plan:

Shad Abad Policy Provides a Quality Assurance Plan To Individual Health Insurance.It Gives Accident Indemnity  Or Accidental Life Insurance To The Personal Protection Against Financial Burden.On Death Benefit,The Survivor Gets Double Amount With Bonuses. If  Accidental  Death Occurs Due To Any Case, They Get  Four Times Of Total Amount Plus bonuses.

Shad Abad Assurance Plan will meet the requirements of the individuals who Appreciate the Basic quality assurance plan with Saving Purpose of the Endowment Insurance plan and the Bonuses and terminal Bonuses Payable. When passing away,the person might want some extra cover to secure their loved ones before Maturity.


1000 Basic Endowment with Profits Sum Insured. This is for all the typical Bonuses, and terminal Bonuses proclaimed on Endowment with Profit of the same term.

Additional Benefits

Hence,on the Death during the Policy of accidental life insurance due to any cause like accident policy. Moreover, they get an extra Rs.1000 Payable so the Total Death or accident Benefit will be Rs.2000.

On the Death by accident indemenity gives an extra Rs.2000 will be Payable. In addition to the amount mentioned before, the Total Payable on Death by accident will be Rs.4000.

Riders Can Be Add in policy:

Family Income Benefit (FIB) Rider, Term Insurance Rider (TIR), Special Waiver of Premium (SWP), Accident Indemnity Benefits (AIB), Hospitalization and Surgical rider (H&S), individual health insurance and Refund of Premium Rider (RPR) can be added to a Shad Abad Plan Subject to the standard guaranteeing Consideration, Restrictions on Entry Ages and Ages of Cessation of Cover and different terms and Conditions of the Relevant Rider Endorsements.

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