Jeevan Saathi Insurance Plan

State Life Jeevan Saathi Plan

State Life Jeevan Saathi Plan is a joint life endowment strategy. This policy pays for the Death Benefit amid the policy term for both a couple however the Maturity Benefit is paid regardless of the possibility that both or anybody are alive till the end of the policy term. Henceforth it is a twofold demise benefit policy.
jeevan sathi insurance plan
jeevan sathi insurance plan

State Life Jeevan Saathi Insurance Plan:

Jeevan Saathi is the best State Life Insurance Plan for married ones, couples’ life insurance, or couple insurance. It gives so many benefits like Private Health insurance to secure future financial needs for medical services. This joint plan is the best match for partners of life.

If anyone in the state life Jeevan Saathi Insurance plan passes away within the tenure:

The survival one gets the sum assured amount to fulfill future needs. For instance, the policy continues yet the insurance agency waived and paid the future premiums. In the plan, the last survivor additionally passes within the plan tenure. When the policy is ended the Sum Assured is paid along with Bonus. If the couple lives through the plan tenure, the Sum Assured, Bonus is paid after that policy is ended.

Jeevan Saathi is an Endowment Assurance Plan issued on the lives of the best life insurance for married couples and also gives couples private health insurance. The arrangement gives monetary protection against the death of both lives.

One of the major benefits of the Jeevan Saathi Insurance Plan is to provide support in difficult times. The following are the Element of this Plan.

Elements of State Life Jeevan Saathi Insurance:

  • This is a joint-life arrangement as Sum Assured is paid on the demise of anyone in a couple or also gives couples private health insurance.
  • If anyone, passes away and the other one is living. The Sum Assured + Accrued Bonus is paid toward the end of the plan tenure.
  • If the last survivor of the couple passes away inside the plan term, then the Sum guaranteed with Bonus will be paid as Death Benefit and the plan is ended.
  • If both of the life insured lives till the end of the plan term, Sum guaranteed with a bonus will be given toward the end of the policy term.
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